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Distribution Center Operations Manager

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Empresa: Confidential
A Swedish company - world's largest furniture retailer.

Ciudad: VALLS

Currently hiring for a Distribution Center Manager with our client which is a Swedish company - world's largest furniture retailer.

Job Responsibilities:

• Inspire, lead, coach and develop your team/s to deliver the agreed service to our customers

• Challenge, coach and support our ESP to reach and go beyond excellence in operations with the customer in focus and the total supply chain in mind
• Negotiate and secure fulfilment of the contract with our ESP according to the companies way of doing business
• Actively contribute to developing the long term strategy for DC Valls and creation of our action plan to secure that we reach our goals
• Lead, coordinate and/or participate in development projects in collaboration with our ESP and stakeholders in the Supply Chain
• Secure that our working processes are in compliance with company rules and guidelines as well as country laws and regulations (e.g. Warehouse Concept, proven solutions, legal demands)
• Contribute to the development of the whole site by being part or the site Management team.

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